An audiovisual transmission that draws from ongoing lyrical performances and public programmes of collaborative translation and the singing of songs staged since 2018 in Rwanda and beyond, focusing on those songs found on YouTube where they attract widespread viewership and comments from the East African communities and diaspora across the globe.

This transmission suggests that the digital marks of these originarily VHS tapes are not only the result of tangible fading from rewinds and replays, nor are they merely the obvious record of sociographic expulsions and archival decompositions. Rather, they are also sediments, interfaces or zones of contact between impossible loves unleashed by colonialism and sustained in the long hold of capitalisms, a composite of which amounts to or amplifies genocidal death, alongside the destruction caused by the attendant wars and development that come afterwards. In effect, the songs, dances and movements in this programme are monuments, repository sites or resting grounds for cultural memory.