The structure of this “evening school” draws from Senegalese writer and film director Ousmane Sembène, who saw cinema as cours du soir or “evening classes,” informed by the traditions of orality, sensuality and conviviality within the realm of art learning and making in his region. He viewed cinema as a popular information system in the service of education, aesthetic experience and public dissemination, employing a methodology concerning the use of cinema’s collective production, and investing in viewing methods that drew from different uses of time, visual and textual histories, social struggles and hopes, in mutuality between his own locality and the world at large.

This new and evolving website is made possible with the European Union Prize at Rencontres de Bamako Nyampeta received in 2019. The website will include listings of past, current and future programmes and iterations of École du soir, alongside digital resources, libraries, playlists, and online screenings. It also features a dedicated live platform for streaming live events and performances. Additionally, this website will introduce an invitation-based distribution channel for pedagogical use in the near future.

The resources of École du soir are available to the members of public, cultural working groups and other people who wish to host events in their own contexts. The organisers are encouraged to feed back their experiences using this web platform, in the hope that their insights will contribute to the widening of the networks and communities of practice concerned and confronted with similar issues.

For more information, contact Feza Kayungu Ramazani: